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Hi! My name is Teodor and I was born in 1974 in Bucharest, Romania. I work as an electronics engineer and a part-time photographer.

You might ask yourself: how do electronics and photography combine? Well, pretty well, as a matter of fact.

The electronics job is a very sedentary, I spend many hours in front of the PC writing code for various projects, and I also spend a great amount of time soldering and assembling all sorts of prototypes. The key word in here is sedentary. And although I like a lot what I’m doing, I know it’s not good for my health to spend so much time sitting. I’m a bit overweight; I also developed some lower back troubles.

Besides the main job, in 2014 I’ve started electronza.com, a small blog on electronics, showcasing some of my DIY projects. I am taking all the photos for the blog myself. I have built up my own studio, focusing on product photography. I also have invested a lot in my photography training.

As time passes by, it’s no longer clear whether the photography is just a passion or it has become a second job. All I can say is that photography gives me the motivation to be more active, to spend more time walking in search of photogenic subjects. I’m always looking for new, little-known places. In many ways, it complements my work in electronics.

Since 2015 I have begun to upload some of my images on major microstock agencies, and since then my stock portfolio is steadily growing.

In 2017 attended the qualification courses organized by f64.ro, and I became officially a photographer.

Since then I have attended several other workshops, and I’ve constantly improved my photography skills. In particular, I have become interested in food photography – you can see some of my pictures by following the links towards my microstock portfolio in the main menu.



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