For me, January continues to be a month of changes. I’m trying to somehow reduce the space allocated to the photo studio, with the long-term goal of moving to a smaller space, but in a better location.

So, a lot of equipment has gone on the second-hand market, being replaced by more compact equipment.

Below you can see a list of changes I’ve made this month.

New equipment purchased

Two RoundFlash™ Strip Light stripboxes. They can only be used with speedlites, and are also compatible with Godox AD200. They replaced my old umbrella-type stripboxes, which took up a lot of space, even collapsed. You have to be quite creative to use them in a position different than upright.

A 45cm beauty dish, also from RoundFlash™. It replaced an aluminum beauty dish of the same diameter but takes up a tiny amount of space when not in use.

A new Godox V860III flash for Olympus, which I will use with one of the stripboxes mentioned above. I like that it has a Li-Ion battery and charges via USB – it has a little charger that the battery goes into.

UC29 charger for Godox AD200 batteries. I want to switch to a unified USB battery charging solution that will allow me to charge batteries both at home and in the car.

Anker 543 USB charger. It has two USB-C ports and two regular USB ports, with a total of 65W.

Bose 700 headphones, for listening to music working at night, when the child sleeps. I like about them that if I set Active Noise Cancelling to 0, the headphones go into transparent mode, where the microphones pick up any sound in the room and play it back into the headphones. They behave similarly to open headphones – I can hear if my daughter wakes up. Another thing I like about them is that they can connect to two devices simultaneously. I can use them connected to both my phone and another device – computer, tablet or home cinema system.

What I sold

An L-478DR-U-EL flashmeter from Sekonic, with a radio trigger for Elinchrom. I didn’t need it anymore since I switched exclusively to Godox.

A 7″ monitor from FeelWorld. I rarely used it, I can do just as well without it.

Two softboxes from Lastolite. I had too many.

43 cm beauty dish. It was taking up a lot of space and now I have a more compact alternative.