Today’s blog post is about converting Lightroom presets into Capture One Styles. About two years ago, I gave up Lightroom in favor of Capture One, which seems to be a better raw file processor. In particular, in Capture One can shoot more light and shadow without appearing a significant noise in the image. Also, color grading is better in Capture One. That’s after you get used to the interface, which is fundamentally different from Lightroom.

Also, regarding presets and styles, in general, I avoid them. It seems to me that I waste more time trying to find the most suitable preset compared to the situation when it does all the processing of a picture starting from scratch.

But there are situations when presets can save an image. There are situations when I look for a particular look and feel — as is the case with Instagram-like pictures. There the presets can be a starting point, and I will apply small adjustments later.

Slowly, I managed to gather over time a relatively large collection of Lightroom presets, some paid, others free. I currently use about 10% of them.

Unfortunately, my presets could no longer be used in Capture One. Capture One Styles are fundamentally different from Lightroom presets.

Trying to manually create Capture One styles similar to Lightroom presets is only feasible for a small number of presets.

I chose to use a small program that converts Lightroom presets to Capture One: the Preset Convert from Picture Instruments. There is a time-limited trial version, or you can buy the full version for $47 + VAT.

With this program, I have so far converted most of my presets, and the resulting styles are incredibly close in results to the Lightroom version. There are also some limitations: the functions that are missing in Capture One cannot be converted — for example, dehazing. Some preset that used extreme values ​delivered strange results after the conversion. Presets that rely on split toning also don’t convert well to Capture One.

I can say that the conversion success rate is around 70%.

Peles Castle, Romania. Blue -Teal Lightroom Preset
Peles Castle, Romania. Blue -Teal Lightroom Preset converted to Capture One

I also have to mention here something I don’t like: the program’s interface is very small, it’s hard to use on a high-resolution display.

Is it worth the purchase?

It depends. In my case, I would say yes, the value of the Lightroom presets I bought over time exceeded $300. The cost associated with their conversion no longer seems so high. And now, I can use my favorite presets in Capture One — which is a great gain in itself.