I’m trying to cut some costs related to my photo studio. Still, I couldn’t resist the temptation and got three Manfrotto MOVE quick-release systems — MVAQR by their code name.

What’s so special about them? They are the only tripod head quick-release system I know of. The MVAQR-BASE screws onto the tripod, and the MVAQR-PLATE moving plate attaches to the photo or video head. They can also be bought separately, depending on what combination you want to achieve.

Once installed, detaching the head is done by simply turning the ring on the base. Installing a new head is done by simply pressing the movable part onto the base and turning the ring to lock.

Total weight carried cannot exceed 20kg, more than enough in most situations, while the MVAQR quick-release system weighs 220g.

They are handy when I need to switch between photo and video heads. They are also useful when I move a particular head to another tripod or want to hook the camera with a vise to take a top view, or flat lay shots.