Removing labels from different products to be photographed proves sometimes to be a major pain in the well-you-know. Sometimes hot water does the job, but some other times the labels don’t come off despite all the hard work, or they come off in little pieces, leaving a lot of glue residue. In particular, a great challenge is presented by those labels applied to bottles of (alcoholic) beverages in order to prove the payment of taxes.

One method of removing stubborn labels is using TESA Industry Cleaner spray — TESA 60040. This cleaner spray is based on limonene from natural sources. I have found that, besides cleaning a lot of gunk, this spray is very good at softening the glue of the unwanted labels. Just soak the label with the spray and leave it to do its job for about one minute. Then the label will peel much easier, sometimes in one single piece. Another pass with a cloth soaked with this spray will clean the remaining glue residues. No hard work, no scratches.